Congratulations Steelers for a Great 2010 Season

February 7th, 2011 | Jeff

The Steelers, and their loyal Nation, are disappointed today to say the least. Take away a turnover or two in the Super Bowl and we would be celebrating Lombardi Trophy #7. But things like that happen to all teams, good and bad, and it is what it is. It doesn’t take anything away from the season as a whole and the Steelers accomplishments. How many people picked the Steelers to even get to the playoffs when Ben was suspended for the first 4 games of the season? Not many.  How about when it looked like we were thin at receiver after trading Santonio? Way to step up Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown. How about losing not one, but two, starting tackles from the offensive line? Max Starks and Willie Colon. A patchwork line performed a juggling act all year and still found a way to get it done. Grit and determination. Someone step up and get it done. Thats the Steelers way. Blue collar.

Is the only measure of a great season winning the Super Bowl? It depends on your perspective. As Steelers fans, we hold our team to the highest standard. They have trained us, and spoiled us, that way. When you have been to 7 Super Bowls and won 6, the Steelers Nation expects only the best.

We love our bragging rights. But look from the perspective of the lower echelon: four teams have never even been to the Super Bowl. Clevelend, Jacksonville, Houston, and Detroit. Never. Zero. Zilch. They have never spent the 2 weeks between the Championship game and the Super Bowl watching the talking heads on TV analyzing their team. They have never gone shopping after the big game to buy new “5 Time Champs”, or “one for the thumb” leather jackets and t-shirts, only to find them obsolete after 3 years. They have never experienced a season with more than 16 or 17 games.  By mid-January, they are analyzing the top picks in the draft and hoping for a miracle.  I have experienced this eight times in my life and I am more thankful for each one.  Unless you are too young to read this, you have experienced this 3 times now.  How great is that??!

I don’t know how you feel about the loss, but for me, I’m glad I got to see a few more games, a few more big plays, a few more tense 4th quaters, a few more chances to question the play calling, and a chance to party with some good citizens of the Steelers Nation. It was a great, fun season! Hats off to the Packers. They have a good group of players and a good, loyal group of fans.  Thanks God it wasn’t the Cowboys…

Twisted Tavern (Suwanee location) Specials for the Super Bowl Today

February 6th, 2011 | Jeff

From Twisted Tavern Management:

The specials for today are:
$10 for a domestic pitcher of beer and 20 wings. That includes Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, Mich Ultra and Hien Light (Which isn’t a domestic, but it’s our current special).
We’ll also have a free football pool for th first 100 people to sign up, with house cash at every quarter, and the overall winner gets a Bud Light smoker.
For every Yuengling (draft or bottle) they get a raffle ticket to win a Yuengling Coleman grill at the end of the game. The winners must be here at the end of the game to get their prizes and if they are not here, they will be raffled off like the grill.
Half priced draft pints, includes all draft beers.
All the pricing and pool sign ups begin at 4pm.

Help Ronald McDonald House in Pittsburgh and Enter to Win a Harley Autographed by the Steelers!

February 2nd, 2011 | Jeff

Ronald McDonald House is a great charity and needs your support.  Steelers Fans are always generous, espsecially with kids. Please help if you can! We received the following information from them: “We are currently raffling off a Pittsburgh Steelers signed 2010 Harley Davidson Rocker C motorcycle as a fundraiser for the House.

We would like to get the word out to all the fans about this fantastic opportunity to win a bike signed by the current AFC, and soon to be Super Bowl, champs. Would you be able to help us out? We are hoping to reach as many Steelers fans as possible to give them an opportunity to win this wonderful collectors item….The drawing will be held June 7, 2011, and tickets are 1 for $20, 3 for $50. Winner need not be present. The tank and fenders are signed and we have replaceable fenders and tank so the bike may be used without any damage or wear to the signatures. The link I provided above will allow you to access the list of all who have signed and all other details.”

If you have ever known a family that has needed to use the Ronald McDonald House, you know how important this is. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Congratulations AFC Champion Steelers!

January 29th, 2011 | Jeff

Congratulations AFC Champion Steelers! The Steelers pummeled the J-E-T-S in the 1st half, 24-3, then did a “rope-a-dope” and hung on to win in the Championship round, 24-19. Ben and the offense made a couple of key first downs in the last minutes of the game, which was enough to run out the clock. The defense was Steeler-stellar as usual too. The Jets only had 1 rushing yard in the 1st half. Rashard Mendenhall rushed for a total of 121 yards for the Steelers and was a force.

The Steelers now face the Green bay Packers on February 6th in Dallas, Texas. Super Bowl win number 7 is THIS close! Do it Steelers! Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!!!!

Steelers Beat Ravens and will host AFC Championship vs Jets!

January 17th, 2011 | Jeff

The Steelers handled the Ratbird Ravens, after coming alive in the second half. Once they got it together on offense, which complimented a very very impressive defensive performance, the Steelers were unstoppable. The Ravens were totally outclassed in this one. 

The Jets knocked off the Patriots in Foxboro and now have won the right to come to Pittsburgh to have their butts kicked!

Here we go Steelers!!!!!!

Vote for Lamarr Woodley for Vizio Top Performer

January 13th, 2011 | Jeff

Go to the Visio TVP web site to vote for Lamarr Woodley:

We recieved the following information from the people marketing the award. Go Lamarr and Go Steelers!!!!!!

“A quick note to let you know Pittsburgh LB LaMarr Woodley (LB) has been nominated as one of five finalists for the 2010 VIZIO Top Value Performer (TVP) award. This coveted award recognizes the players whose on-field performances most exceeded the value of their 2010 contract. With a salary of just $550,000, Woodley was an easy choice for this honor as he recorded 50 tackles with 10 sacks, three forced fumbles and two interceptions.

Other nominees for the 2010 VIZIO Top Value Performer award are Cleveland RB Peyton Hillis, Denver WR Brandon Lloyd, Buffalo WR Stevie Johnson and New York RB Ahmad Bradshaw. The winner of this award is determined by a public online fan vote held at Voting is open now and will close at midnight on Sunday, January 23rd.

I thought your readers might be interested in helping recognize the great season Woodley had this past season and helping him win the award by casting their votes for him. In addition, Woodley is the only nominee offering a VIZIO TV to one of his fans if he wins the TVP award.”