Steelers Nation? Steelers World!

January 11th, 2010 | Jeff

Just for grins, I checked our web site statistics for visitors during 2009 and where they were from. The results are surprising. The numbers don’t even reflect the almost 2 months when the statistics weren’t being kept due to an error. Below is a list of the web site visits during 2009, and where the visitors are from. I would have guessed the US and Canada, but #3 being Brazil was a surprise. Also, 4 visits from China? Cool. Steelers Pride is Worldwide! BY the way, we have had visits from every state in the US except North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii. I wonder how you say “Here we go Steelers” in Chinese…

Country/Territory     Visits

United States         2483

Canada                  18

Brazil                     11

(not set)                 10

Mexico                  10

Germany                9

United Kingdom      4

China                     4

Saudi Arabia          3

Japan                    2

Costa Rica             1

Philippines             1

Australia                1

Croatia                   1

Denmark                1

Indonesia               1

Romania                1

Hungary                 1

Greece                  1

Lithuania                1

Hong Kong             1

Ukraine                  1

New Zealand          1

Ireland                   1

Netherlands            1

Peru                      1

South Korea           1

Stone Creek Tavern is Moving – We will meet at the Twisted Tavern in Suwanee

December 28th, 2009 | Jeff

Stone Creek Tavern, the fan club’s second venue (in addition to Barnacles), added this year, is moving from their current location near the Mall of Georgia to a location at the interscetion of Ga 324 and Fence Road, near Dacula. They will not be open for the final regular season game. We will be meeting at the Twisted Tavern in Suwanee, at 104 Horizon Drive. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will be evaluating the Twisted Tavern as a venue for next season. Please join us for the final game and let us know what you think!

What is Wrong with the Steelers?

December 12th, 2009 | Jeff

What is wrong with the Steelers? Is it that Troy Polamalu and Aaron Smith are not playing? Is the Offensive Coordinator calling the wrong plays? The poor play of the offensive line? Maybe the pathetic play of the “special” teams or the defensive backs? Surely it is because Ben holds the ball too long. Just what is the problem? The easy excuse is the injuries, but that is just a cover for the real, more serious problem – this team has morphed from a bunch of fighters – a band of brothers determined to find a way to win all the way to a Super Bowl victory – to a bunch of apathetic losers who really don’t seem to give a damn. Sure, there are individuals who have the fire in their hearts and the desire to win – Ben Roethlisberger, James Harrison, Hines Ward, Rashard Mendenhall, David Woodley to name a few – but others are doing a poor impersonation of real NFL players. What a let down for the organization and their teammates, and a slap in the face to the Steelers Nation! Is this an overreaction? No freakin way! Not after 5 losses in a row to the dregs of the league. This is serious business! The Browns couldn’t beat you and your little sister in a pick up game in you back yard, but they looked like a dominant team against this bunch of losers! The Steelers fan base is the most loyal and passionate in the world. They expect, and deserve, to have the players best effort at all times. What we are seeing now is totally unacceptable!

A lot is wrong with this team from a personell and coaching standpoint, but those things can be fixed through healing, drafting, firings, and free agency. The bigger worry is the lack of character. Can it be restored? Can they regain the desire to win? Lets hope so, or it is going to be a long decade. Mr. Tomlin – get control of this team! You talked about “unleashing hell” and didn’t. You talked about making roster changes and didn’t. Words are empty now, actions are required. It’s time to start kicking butt and taking control of this team. The Steelers Nation deserves it, the Rooney’s deserve it, and the proud legacy of Steelers of the past demands it!

Sorry for the commentary, but I am pissed off, and you should be too. I love these guys and will die a Steelers fan, but I call em like I see em. Jeff.

Time of 12/20/09 Steelers vs Green Bay Game Changed to 4:15

December 9th, 2009 | Jeff

The NFL has changed the starting time of the 12/20 Steelers vs Green Bay game from 1:00PM to 4:15PM to accomodate TV.

New “Calling Steeler Nation” Video/Song

November 14th, 2009 | Jeff

Here is a new video/song posted on Youtube. The Steelers Fan Club of Atlanta is in it under both the old name, Steelers Fan Club of Gwinnett, and the current name, Steelers Fan Club of Atlanta. This is a good video and the song is good too! Go Steelers!!!!!!

Buy Week Just in Time for Steelers

October 26th, 2009 | Jeff

The Steelers completed a great 4 win streak to enter the buy week, including yesterday’s great defensive win over the previously undefeated Vikings. They are now 5-2 and tied with Cincinnati for the AFC North Division lead.

This season has been a series of nail biters, one after another (except for Cleveland, hee, hee, hee :-). The Vikings game was another last minute (literally) success story. The deal was sealed because of an interception of old man Brett Favre which was run back 83 yards for 6 by none other than Atlanta’s own Keyaron Fox, who was in the game because Timmons was hurt. Come on, you can’t script this stuff. Who would believe it? How many heart attacks and strokes can be traced directly back to the Steelers this season? They are driving up the cost of health care in America. PLEEEEASE can you just CRUSH someone??? Obviously this is just greed on my part. I am happy with a win, whether it is by 1 point or 100 points. A “W” is a “W”. We’ll take it!

Seriously, the Steelers can use this buy right now. Troy is still healing, Timmons and Kirschke were hurt in the Vikings game, and several other Steelers are nicked up. The two weeks will give them some time to heal up a bit and be ready for the next (currently) undefeated team they face – the Denver Broncos in Denver on Monday Night. Rest up guys and enjoy the break.

Still alot of season to go, and no reason why they can’t defend the title again this year. Go Steelers!!!!!!

Note to Ryan ClarK: Don’t play in Denver if there is any risk to your health. It isn’t worth it! The game will wait a week for you to come back.