Just for grins, I checked our web site statistics for visitors during 2009 and where they were from. The results are surprising. The numbers don’t even reflect the almost 2 months when the statistics weren’t being kept due to an error. Below is a list of the web site visits during 2009, and where the visitors are from. I would have guessed the US and Canada, but #3 being Brazil was a surprise. Also, 4 visits from China? Cool. Steelers Pride is Worldwide! BY the way, we have had visits from every state in the US except North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii. I wonder how you say “Here we go Steelers” in Chinese…

Country/Territory     Visits

United States         2483

Canada                  18

Brazil                     11

(not set)                 10

Mexico                  10

Germany                9

United Kingdom      4

China                     4

Saudi Arabia          3

Japan                    2

Costa Rica             1

Philippines             1

Australia                1

Croatia                   1

Denmark                1

Indonesia               1

Romania                1

Hungary                 1

Greece                  1

Lithuania                1

Hong Kong             1

Ukraine                  1

New Zealand          1

Ireland                   1

Netherlands            1

Peru                      1

South Korea           1